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Plastic and Visual Arts

Art allows pupils to express their emotions and develop their perceptive, expressive and aesthetic skills. That’s why we include the subject Plastic, Visual and Audiovisual Education in our school, taught by teachers with degrees in Fine Arts.

This subject helps pupils develop their creativity and imagination as well as their artistic skills, knowledge and talents. It also helps them develop flexible, productive, logical and imaginative thinking. All of these objectives are planned and continued through extra-curricular Painting activity where creativity and artistic skill are fostered.

Over the course of the different school phases, pupils work in accordance with the development plan, from Preschool and later in Primary they begin to express themselves more freely and discover colours, shapes and textures.

They acquire different techniques and materials so that they think without the need to follow a pattern. They work with watercolours, playdough, printing techniques, wax and they begin to develop concepts of different artistic techniques.

The pupil inquire about the proportions of the human body and perspective. They also explore the History of Art and discover different works and periods. In 6th year Primary they also focus on composing artistic content that will be used in their PYP final project.

In Middle School pupils continue to develop this creativity, experimenting with different techniques and materials such as acrylics, clay, pastel, and different materials such as canvas, mud, cardboard and wood; developing their skills using different skills for both their own works and the reproduction of the work of the masters.

They also work on new forms of artistic creation such as digital photography and video editing in which they learn different focuses, shots, angles and strategies used in the audiovisual world, such as chroma keying, the psychology of the image, etc. which make this subject living material that is constantly evolving.

As part of this subject, pupils collaborate actively in the decoration for different events at the centre such as Grandparents Day, Christmas, Graduations, End of year party, etc.

As a continuation of the knowledge acquired in Primary, pupils also work on the aspect of geometry during the Middle School courses, developing skills with the tools used in this more technical subject and giving them an introduction into Technical Drawing which will culminate with their Baccalaureate studies.

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