Through the Acción Solidaria Casvi initiative, several actions are organised during the year to foster a sense of solidarity among upstanding, inquisitive and open-minded pupils. Moreover, the department wishes to publicise the project in Piura. During 2018-2019 each of the following activities were promoted:

  • 5 October: World Teachers’ Day
  • 20 November: Universal Children’s Day.
  • In the month of December:
    • Food collection in collaboration with Caritas.
    • Concerts at retirement homes in Boadilla. Collaboration with Volán.
  • 30 January: School Day of Non-violence and Peace
  • 4 and 15 February: World Day against Cancer and Children’s Cancer. Collection of consoles for Play Therapy.
  • 14 February: Love and Friendship Day.
  • 8 March: International Women’s Day
  • 23 April: World Book Day
  • 17 May: International Women’s Day
  • First two weeks of June milk collection for Banco de Alimentos foodbank.
    • Fundraising for AECC.
    • Manos Unidas exhibitions. Two exhibitions on the responsible use of water.
Cartel de la recogida de pañales de Casvi 2021.

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