Values & Objectives

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Our Vision

To be a benchmark for international and global education, quality and innovation.

An education where our students reach the highest levels of excellence in their academic and personal development, developing, within the framework of the International Baccalaureate, critical thinking, language skills, the promotion of sports, creativity and artistic spirit, personalized attention to families, and technological and educational innovation.


To make our students grow personally and intellectually to reach a real advantage in the university, in the working world, or in any real life situation through the detection and development of talent, with an entrepreneurial spirit and an ethical commitment to our society.

Our Values

– Trust: family and school are one in decision making.
– Communication: accessible, precise and continuous.
– Commitment: to achieve the best in each of our students.
– Coherence: our example, the best educational tool.
– Sincerity and honesty: more than 30 years of being faithful to our ideas and principles.
– Respect and tolerance: we form citizens of the world.
– Constancy and perseverance: we work to achieve our goals.
– Empathy: we make your concerns and goals our own.
– Demanding and understanding: we use the right strategy at all times.
– Enthusiasm: we enjoy educating.
– Responsibility: the future is in our hands.

Casvi Video

On our YouTube channel you can find a multitude of videos about our facilities, online classes, our foundation, camps, art & sport, educational offerings, parties, events and much more.