Introduction to Triathlon

Introduction to Triathlon

This newextracurricular activity aims to introduce students to this sport that combines swimming, cycling and running. By practising these three disciplines, they will improve their endurance while working all the muscles in their body in a controlled and guided way.

The activity takes place every Friday and encourages motor coordination, agility, balance and flexibility through fun activities. The aim is for students to learn about triathlon and its basic rules, but above all, to enjoy the sport and its benefits.

The activity will be given by Antonio Cerezo, secondary school teacher and athlete. He has been on the podium more than 750 times in different athletics events, has been champion of the Du Cross Series of the Community of Madrid, and was silver medalist in 2018, and bronze medalist in 2019 in the Spanish Duathlon Cross Championship, among other achievements.

Alumna de Casvi Boadilla montando en bicicleta.

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