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Thanks to the work of the educational community during the last three years, our Eco-School called Eco-Casvi has renewed the green flag. On 30th June, the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC) wrote us by email. They empathised the need to continue with the good job we have been doing.

Giving you the Green Flag, not only we want to give you an award for all the work you have already done, but also to encourage you to continue, as there is still a long way to go. Now it is time to consolidate what you have learnt, to expand the themes, to work at a local level, to support other networks, both nearby and in other countries or cities, in order to build the mosaic that makes up all the Eco-Schools.


ADEAC, Eco-Schools Project

On 2018-19 school year, we were awarded this prize for the first time thanks to the good job in terms of the environment. Now, next school year we will receive the Green Flag again.


Eco-Casvi Actions 2020-21

In the 2020-2021 academic year, we are developing more than 20 actions to promote responsibility in caring for the environment. These are some of them:

Reusing materials

  • In Kindergarten we reused paper and cardboard to carry out different actions: creation of trees with rolls of paper in 1st Infant School, making collages or creating a Nativity Scene with recycled material at Christmas.
  • On Halloween, our Infant and Primary pupils created terrifying decorations by reusing bottles, cartons, etc.

Farmers in the garden

  • Different activities were carried out in the garden from Kindergarten to Sixth Form. The soil was ploughed, fruit and vegetables were planted, greenhouse conditions were simulated, and the Baccalaureate students even created several bug hotels.
  • Also, our 2nd Baccalaureate students investigated about SARS-COV2 and zoonosis and how biodiversity protects us.

The Casvi Boadilla forest

Think global, act local

  • Trophies are awarded to the best Eco-Classroom. Each month, “eco-audits” of the classrooms are carried out. In this way, we check which classes are doing the best job of recycling and they receive the trophy for the best Eco-Classroom.
  • With the campaign “Small actions change the world”, the Baccalaureate wanted to raise awareness in our educational community about the changes we can make in our daily lives to take care of the environment.

Flora and fauna

  • The 2nd Baccalaureate students made birds houses to help care for the birds of Boadilla.  To build them they used old slates, and once they were assembled they hung them in the trees around the school.
  • In 1st Baccalaureate they created a vertical garden by reusing bottles and bottles of alcohol, bleach, detergent…. They planted 40 aromatic plants (lavender, rosemary, curry, basil…) which they placed in the Infant School playground.

World Environment Day

  • Under the slogan ‘Generation Restoration: Reimagine, recreate, restore’, for World Environment Day 2021, we put the focus on the restoration of ecosystems. With this in mind, we created an exhibition focusing on the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean forest in Boadilla del Monte, as well as its invasive species.
  • By decomposing our vegetable waste we made compost at school; our compost bins will provide the best fertiliser for our vegetable garden.

Inquirers and good communicators

  • Inquiries and exhibitions on endangered animals and the life of a bottle. Two students from 3rd grade investigated the animals of Europe: vertebrates, invertebrates and invaders. Their next investigation was about the phases of a bottle and their consequences on the environment. In addition, they generated their own “Super Bottle of Bottles”, called Marvid, to raise awareness among their classmates.