Our primary mission is to provide quality teaching. That’s why we seek continuous improvement, adapting to the needs of society and our pupils, training our staff in quality techniques and tools since the year 2006. That’s why we’re certified by the most important certification bodies, which sees us offer a teaching approach of the highest quality:

– EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management). We began to introduce this management model in 2007 with the first self-assessment at the school and it led to us establish a management model focussed on the continuous improvement of our work.

The EFQM, through the Excellence in Management Club, grants 4 recognitions: Committed to quality (+200 points); +300 points; +400 points; and +500 points.

Eurocolegio Casvi was awarded the European Excellence Seal +300 in 2010. Five years later it obtained +500, a rating which was renewed in 2017.

– AENOR (with the requirements of the standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2000). Our education processes are subject to quality controls since 2007, with the parameters established by management.

Within this regional excellence mode, we were recognised with the “Madrid Excelente 2010” Guarantee Mark, which we renew each year.

In this search for continued improvement, we have also been awarded other recognitions. Some of the major ones include:

  • Honourable Mention from the Complutense University of Madrid for producing the pupils with the best marks in the University Access Examinations for five out of seven years.
  • Award for Educational Innovation 2016 (Madridiario).
  • Inclusion the organising committee of the Excellence in Management Club’s Education Forum.

Casvi Video

On our YouTube channel you can find a multitude of videos about our facilities, online classes, our foundation, camps, art & sport, educational offerings, parties, events and much more.