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Pintamos una cueva para descubrir la Prehistoria a través del Bachillerato Internacional.

3rd Kindergarten students have been investigating Prehistory through the International Baccalaureate to work on evolution, inventions and communication. All of them have experienced this period in first person during the unit on inquiry “Where we are in time and space”. To do so, they have moved to this historical period and, following the IB methodology, they have understood these concepts thanks to different learning experiences.

Prehistory Activities through the International Baccalaureate

Cave paintings. They made cave paintings on the classroom doors. In this way they got to know the art they made in the caves and discovered that they used them as a support to make their paintings. They also went on a trip to Arqueopinto and there they painted with ochre in reddish and yellow tones. Through this activity we also managed to develop gross and fine motor skills and attention.

Human evolution. The Infant pupils reflected on how human beings have evolved by observing different skulls. They developed the attribute of IB thinkers, as they had to think about the era to which each one of them could belong by observing their jaws.

Hunting the mammoth. After researching the animals of prehistoric times and the tools we used to hunt in this historical period, the 3rd graders hunted the mammoth. They made their own spears out of paper. They also discovered that this animal was used by the Prehistoric men as food and shelter, so they made their costumes “with the mammoth’s skin” and went down to eat in the school canteen.

Eating with their hands. Dressed in their caveman costumes, the children went down to the school canteen, where they ate chicken and potatoes with their hands, imitating prehistoric man.

In this way, they get a lifelong learning experience of the way of life of our ancestors in a playful and dynamic way.

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