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Halloween got into our classrooms in Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla. Our students have learnt the origin and the vocabulary of this festivity. This day is a big tradition in the United States. That is exactly why the American students who participated in the Casvi-Tulsa Language Exchange shared their traditions and experiences with our educational community. They also performed the play “The room on the broom”, among others Halloween activities.


Our students from Kindergarten to 4th Grade put on their costumes to celebrate this day. There were the eco-friendly crafts: vampires, mummies, witches, pumpkins, Frankensteins and ghosts that decorated our classrooms. You can see the pictures HERE.

But, do we really know, what is Halloween origin?

This is a festivity of celtic origin based on an ancient festival, the Samhain, they celebrated the end of the summer and the end of the harvest. They believed that spirits came back and they used to light candles, cooked food and prepared sweets for them.

Halloween Eco-Friendly crafts

As in previous years, classrooms were also decorated. So, we asked families to collaborate. They had to create crafts related to Halloween topic, using recycled materials. In this way, they design the “Eco-Adornos”, which decorate our classrooms:

  • Skeletons. They are often made of cardboard, but this year we added an original one made of plastic bottles.
  • Bats. They were designed in cardboard, with plastic bottles or cans.
  • Pumpkins and ghosts. Created using cardboard tubes, our students decorated them with orange paint and bandages, respectively.
  • Frankenstein. Students did it using a milk or oil bottles.
  • Spiders and spider’s web. They recycled newspaper, cardboard or plastic bottles to make the body, while pipe cleaners were used to make the legs.

This way they reflected on the amount of rubbish we produce and that we must reduce them.

English activities in Halloween

One more time, English teachers organised several activities so that children can learn the vocabulary related to this day in a fun way and experiencing it in first person. This way, they will obtain a lifelong learning experience.

On the one hand, Kindergarten pupils sang songs such as “Knock, knock trick or treat”. They also played different games like Stop Copy or a memory game with Halloween cards and made a parade; always having in mind the anti-covid measures.

On the other hand, upper stages carried out a research and did projects about the origin of Halloween and how it is celebrated in different countries. They had time to learn vocabulary by doing crosswords or playing word search game too.

Education benefits of this festivity

The Halloween celebration has many benefits for children such as:

  • Creativity development. They have to think about the kind of “Eco-Adornos” they want to design, then they have to make them. The aim is to work on creativity, as well as fine motor skills in some cases.
  • English improvement.Not only will they improve by learning new words, but also in grammar, oral expression and listening comprehension singing  songs.
  • Global vision of the world. One of the goals of our methodology is to form students with an open mentality and international mindedness, acquiring that way a global vision of the world. Students will be interested in other cultures and traditions, living new experiences in a global and intercultural society.
  • Healthy habits. In the past years, they learnt that eating healthy can also be fun. We proposed to our Kindergarten families to prepare a “scary snack”. Many of them chose to decorate fruit, a healthy food that they turn funny. However, this year we didn’t organize this activity to prevent covid-19.
  • Improve their social relationships. Playing different games, such as trick or treat, crosswords, memory cards and dances, children improve their relationships at school.