Skills and competences of an International Baccalaureate teacher in Casvi Boadilla

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Una actividad con espuma de los fonemas en inglés dirigida por una profesora del Bachillerato Internacional en Casvi Boadilla.

In the group of Casvi schools we are committed to an international methodology, the International Baccalaureate. This will put our students at an advantage in the future. To have the appropiate dynamics in class and to stimulate students in their academic learning as well as in their personal development, teachers must have the right training. Most importantly, an International Baccalaureate teacher at Casvi Boadilla must be open-minded and international and develop their own global competence on a daily basis. What other skills and competences does an International Baccalaureate teacher in Casvi Boadilla need?

“The school has an international educational project that adapts to the changing circumstances of society. This has to be supported by teachers with an international background”.

Juan Luis YagüeCEO of Casvi group of schools

Skills of an IB teacher

With the International Baccalaureate at Casvi Boadilla, in class students investigate and learn by concepts through experimentation. They are curious, reflect on their learning and ask questions about the knowledge they have acquired. Throughout this process, the IB teacher at Casvi Boadilla is the guide of this learning. For this reason, the teacher must have innovative and constantly evolving pedagogical skills and abilities.

⦿ To have an attitude of continuous learning.

⦿ To be knowledgeable about the teaching-learning process, their content area and the world.

⦿ To be open-minded and grow from the teachings of others.

⦿ To be a thinker, i.e. have thinking and problem-solving skills, knowing that each challenge will need a different approach.

⦿ To be supportive and understanding.

⦿ To be creative in both the teaching and learning process.

⦿ To be reflective in the teaching process.

⦿ To Be knowledgeable about the world and aware of different cultures and global issues.

In addition, they must be able to support students in the right way in each investigation to develop the 10 attributes of the IB learner profile.

The work of the International Baccalaureate teacher in each programme

The IB programmes at Casvi Boadilla are taught by experienced and constantly developing teachers who help students learn how to learn and contribute skills and attitudes that will put them at an advantage in their academic and personal futures.

  • Primary Years Programme

A Primary Years Programme (PYP) teacher must ensure that learning is “interesting, relevant, stimulating and meaningful”. Learning at this stage takes place in a transdisciplinary way, so that students, with the guidance of the teacher, will experience all the learning (knowledge, concepts, skills and personal attributes) in an interconnected way. For example, students in the second and third cycle from Primary School investigated the context of different films and their songs, thus working in a transdisciplinary way in History, English, Art and Music. A good training of the teaching staff in the PYP is essential for this transdisciplinary work.

  • Middle Years Programme

In the next stage, the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the teacher challenges students to “make practical connections between their studies and the real world”.  It is a fact that students learn meaningfully when they can link their learning experiences with experiences from their everyday lives, from the world around them. At this stage, students work on at least one interdisciplinary unit and teachers have to be prepared for this. For example, 8th graders understood the combined knowledge of Geography and History and English in order to gain a new understanding.

IB teacher training at Casvi Boadilla

The IB offers training workshops. Thus, IB teachers at Casvi Boadilla are continuously updating their knowledge through these workshops and others given in person at the centre. The IB “perfects their skills as professionals and contributes to the further development of their pedagogical skills”.

Precisely at the beginning of 2022, our Kindergarten, Primary and Middle School teachers received PYP and MYP training, specifically “Interdisciplinary teaching and learning in the MYP” and “Building for the future”. The latter was given by Álvaro Feijóo, teacher and PYP coordinator at Casvi Boadilla and official IB trainer. “This methodology will put our students at an advantage in the future, as organisations, companies and universities are looking for people with an international mindset and critical thinking, who are multilingual and who can bring together different disciplines to create new ones,” explained Feijóo.

At Casvi Boadilla, as an international charter school, we are always looking for our teachers to be at the forefront of international education.