Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities

During the course the following extracurricular activities are delivered:


Fun English

Languages are best learned in a fun, dynamic and participative way. That’s why, the Fun English extra-curricular activity seeks to ensure that pupils improve their English communication skills through games and arts and crafts, role plays and food workshops. 

This activity is destined for pupils aged 3 to 5 and is held in small groups with the school’s own bilingual teachers to facilitate learning and one-to-one attention.


This physical and sporting activity is for Preschool pupils so that they can discover sports and practice a healthy lifestyle. It is always delivered in English and is focussed on fostering the values of teamwork, respect and communication through sport.


The opportunity to learn to play guitar is offered, teaching pupils the most popular chords to play all kinds of songs, adapted to the group. In the classes they learn basic chords, work on rhythm and strumming and at the end of the course they give a performance where they demonstrate all their learning.


Modern Dance is a way of expressing feelings and states of mind through music and the use of space. It develops coordination, lateral movement and rhythm and definitively improves motor skills. The complexity of the steps varies and it is taught based on the pupil’s age and ability. 

Spanish Dance and Classical Ballet

Flamenco and ballet. Our students also have the opportunity to attend the extracurricular flamenco and ballet classes. With this activity they improve their rhythm and coordination and work on their flexibility while their artistic and expressive skills are fostered in a playful way.

Sports clubs

Finally, pupils can also engage in physical and sporting activities through our sports clubs.

Upcoming events


Entrega de notas finales

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Final report cards

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Proyecto educativo

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