Eco-Casvi is an initiative born of the centre’s desire to improve its environmental policy and raise awareness among the Educational Community of the need to respect and care for our planet. In 2010 our staff were trained in Quality and Environment techniques and tools, and Eco-Casvi was launched in the 2017-2018 school year.

Since then, Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla has participated actively in the Eco-Escuelas Programme from which a series of procedures have been carried out. Firstly, an Environment Committee was set up and carried out an Audit to establish where the centre was starting from in terms of environmental affairs.

Once the needs and environmental priorities of the centre are determined, an Action Plan is generated, which is revised every year, to carry out activities that involve an improvement in the areas of water, waste, energy and biodiversity. This results in improvements for the school and in its social and environmental surroundings. Finally an Environmental Code of Conduct is generated.

Alumnos de Primaria exponen sobre el reciclaje,
Alumnos de Bachillerato posan con los hoteles de bichos que construyeron.

Eco-Casvi carries out activities to raise awareness of the environment, workshops and outings. For example:

  • the creation of self-sufficient homes
  • the implementation of green patrols and waste collection
  • prizes for the best eco-classroom
  • waste paper collection
  • creation of eco-decorations.
Alumnos de Bachillerato posan delante de sus maceteros del jardín vertical.

The Eco-Casvi initiative is also present in units of inquiry where pupils research energy and biodiversity, such as types of energy or endangers species.

All the good work carried out by the centres in the area of the environment resulted in a Green Flag being awarded in the year 2018-2019.

At the end of the year, several Eco-Casvi representatives attend the Eco-Escuelas meeting, where they give a presentation on all the projects carried out during the year in which the ideas were shared.

Interview with the principal

In class diary, Juan Luis Yagüe, CEO of the Casvi Group of Schools wanted to talk to us, on this occasion, about the aftermath of confinement in educational and family environments; the digital transformation that it has caused; and the great opportunities that have appeared.

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