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Students, teachers and non-teaching staff wish a Merry Christmas 2022 to all our educational community through these two videos. In the first one, our catechism students in 4th Primary have performed the carol “Dile niño a tu madre”, by the singer David Manito. Singing it, we want to promote the values of friendship and solidarity, but above all, to instil in them the spirit of Christmas. Thus, during the catechesis classes they have worked on the origin of this festivity and they have also made a resolution to make amends during Advent.

Teaching and non-teaching staff

In the second video, it is our teachers and non-teaching staff who show us the importance of sharing moments of happiness with our loved ones. All together they have been encouraged to wish us a Merry Christmas with the Christmas song “It’s Christmas time”, following the choreography of Kids on the move. In one part of the video, they showed some posters with which they wanted to thank the families, students and colleagues for their work this year.

Christmas activities at school

But during these days we have not only celebrated Christmas 2022 with carols, our students have also carried out other activities:

  • Nativity Scene. 1st Kindergarten students designed their own Nativity Scenes using recycled materials. Therefore Eco-Casvi raise enviromental awareness. Moreover, they worked on their fine and gross motor skills and at the same time their creativity was stimulated. 
  • French lessons, Christmas cards. In French class they have brought out their creative side by designing some Christmas greeting cards and they have also made a series of games with words in this language.
  • New Year’s Eve in 2 years. The youngest pupils of the school brought New Year’s Eve forward to discover the tradition of celebrating this day in Puerta del Sol eating 12 grapes.
  • A special Christmas carol from older to younger students. The English extension students of Bachillerato wanted to share Mariah Carey’s carol, All I want for Christmas is you, with the Infant students. They went from class to class sharing this song and dancing with the younger ones.
  • Collection of food and toys. As every year, Acción Solidaria Casvi promoted the collection of food for the food bank in collaboration with Cáritas Boadilla. This year we also collected toys for the children in collaboration with the Santos Apóstoles Parish. We would like to thank all our educational community for their participation.
  • Delivery of the letter to the Three Wise Men and Father Christmas. The Infant and Primary pupils wrote their letter to the Three Wise Men and were able to deliver it personally in our school.
  • Presentation of gifts from the Christmas competition. The winners of the school Christmas card competition received their gifts so that they can continue drawing this Christmas.Entrega de la carta a los Reyes Magos y Papá Noel. 

Merry Christmas!