Eurocolegio Casvi Boadilla Colegio Concertado Exposicion PEP 2021

Our 6th graders made the PYP exhibition (Primary Years Program). They showed their knowledge and the skills acquired during this stage. Due to the pandemic situation because of the Covid-19, this year the families couldn’t attend to our sport facilities so that 5th graders attend to listen. That way, 6th grade students were good communicators and the 5th grade students reflected on the information received.

Through collaborative work, they worked on the attributes of the International Baccalaureate (IB) profile. They have been worked so hard during Kindergarten and Primary stages through experimentation and inquiry.

This PYP exhibition is the result of several months of work, and the presentation of the inquiry is the perfect ending to this stage. Students showed not only their knowledge but also their conceptual learning and skills development. Now, they are ready to face Middle School and start the MYP (Middle Years Program).

Full PYP Exhibitions

6ºA Germany

6ºA Argentina

6ºA Estados Unidos

6ºA Japón

6ºA México

6ºB América

6ºB Asia vs América

6ºB Asia

6ºB Francia e Italia

6ºB Kenia

6ºC África

6ºC América

6ºC Asia

6ºC Europa

6ºC Oceanía

6ºD África

6ºD América

6ºD Asia

6ºD Oceanía

6ºE Alemania

6ºE China

6ºE Estados Unidos

6ºE Inglaterra

6ºE Italia

6ºF América del Norte

6ºF Asia

6ºF Europa