The futsal season kicks off

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The Futsal season is back after two years ago when the Alevín A team became champions without losing a single match. Finally, last 13th November our teams played their first minutes of the season. The Prebenjamín Mixto started the competition in the Aluche League. While the Chupetines (team ‘A’ and team ‘B’) played their first friendly matches of the year.

The Prebenjamín, in the Aluche municipal league

The Prebenjamín team (1st and 2nd Primary School) began their league campaign, specifically in the Municipal Sports Games. They played against CDE Escolapios Aluche ‘A’ in the pavilion of the Municipal Sports Centre El Olivillo. Although the result was not favourable, the teamwork, desire and sportsmanship were reflected on the field.

The next match will be played on the 20th, at 14:00, in the same place. In this second match of the Futsal season, they will face the Escolapios Aluche B team.

Chupetines: their first match

On the other hand, the Chupetín teams came to our sports centre to discover the magic of football. The Chupetín ‘A’ players were excited about their first minutes of competition in a non-official match against Teresa de Berganza. The result was not to their liking, a 2-1 defeat, but nobody took away the joy of scoring their first goal. Chupetín ‘B’ played their first non-official match of the season against Federico García Lorca, which they defeated by a landslide.

However, the most important thing in each match was the sportsmanship that was seen on the pitch: helping the opponent to get up from the ground after fouls, applauding teammates and opponents when they recovered from a collision, thanking the stands for their support after the final whistle or greeting the other team after the final whistle. 

I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.

Abby Wambach, former soccer player, highest all-time goal scorer for the USA national team

In a month’s time, our 3rd Kindergarten players will play their second friendly match of the season in our school’s pavilion. Chupetín ‘A’ will confront Federico García Lorca, while Chupetín ‘B’ will play against Teresa Berganza. 

Prebenjamín vs Escolapios ‘A’ |0-9| Defeat

Chupetín ‘A’ vs Teresa Berganza |1-2| Defeat

Chupetín ‘B’ vs Federico García Lorca |9-0| Victory